Board of Directors

Chief Scott Snow, President

Snow_headshot-150x150Chief Scott Snow serves currently as the Chief of Police for the City of Reading and is the president of The Shield.  He has been a member of law enforcement for over 25 years.  Chief Snow believes in servant leadership and setting the best example he can for those around him.  He supports The Shield because should an officer fall in the line of duty, they can rest assured that The Shield will stand behind the family and provide the support they need.

Sgt. Tim Holloway, Vice President

Chief Rich Wallace, Treasurer

Chief Rick Hines, Benefits Coordinator

Chief Richard D. Hines is The Shield’s benefits coordinator and Mariemont’s Chief of Police. Serving in the police force is important to Chief Hines because he feels it gives him an opportunity to give back to the community. Chief Hines has always enjoyed helping people, and he considers his job a rewarding profession. For Chief Hines, The Shield represents a symbol of protection. He says the organization functions to ease the pain of financial loss or burden to those in need.

Chief Scott Gaviglia, Secretary



Chief John “Satch” Coletta, Retired

Chief John “Satch” Coletta currently served for 32 years as an officer for the Delhi Township police department. In the 1970s Chief Coletta’s friend, John Bechtol, was killed in the line of duty. Bechtol and Coletta had been next-door neighbors, and they attended the police academy together. Although The Shield wasn’t around in 1970, Coletta is sure his widow and son could have used immediate financial help.

Chief Dennis Rees, Retired

Chief Dennis ReesChief Dennis Michael Rees is one of The Shield’s founding members.

He is a retired officer who served in all five Cincinnati Police Department divisions from 1972 to 2008, and he is the former Chief of the Loveland Police Department.  Additionally, he served on the CPD SWAT Team for 20 years.  Chief Rees enjoys the responsibility of serving his community and protecting the safety of its members.  As one of the founding members, Chief Rees takes pride in The Shield’s abilities to care for officers and their families.  He also believes The Shield will be a long-term organization.

Chief Michael Laage, Retired

Chief Michael E. Laage served 12 years as Springdale’s police chief. Serving in the police force is important to Chief Laage because he feels he has fostered a sense of trust in his community. He says he has always tried to treat everyone with respect an in a professional manner. As one of the founding chiefs of organization, Chief Laage holds The Shield in high regards. He hopes that The Shield continues to grow with the support of communities and those within the police force.

Chief John Manahan, Retired

Captain Richard Schmalz, Retired

Captain Richard Schmalz is a retired police captain for the Cincinnati Police Department who has served with the department for 45 years.  During his time, he was heavily involved with committees for the police department, including the Police Executive Leadership College Alumni board and served as past president and current board member of the Hamilton County Police Association.  Captain Schmalz likes the tight-knit feel of the police community, and he calls it a brotherhood.  He supports The Shield because it provides a support system for a lot of the smaller departments by providing revenue where they may not be able to generate it themselves.