Who We Are

The Shield is an organization seeking to serve the families of officers critically injured or killed in the line of duty within the Ohio counties of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont by providing them with immediate emergency funds and resources. This includes transportation for the family, lodging, and other considerations such as salary compensation and costs unconsidered by Medicare or life insurance.

We want two things: to be able to provide for all of the necessary emergency costs to officers and their families and to be able to provide a substantial portion of the money the second there is a need. Our benefits coordinator has access to $15,000 per family to offer on the spot, without any red tape or board meetings. If the need is greater, our directors will make a decision on how to help.

How We Started

The Shield started in the middle of a crisis. An officer had been killed in the line of duty, and his family couldn’t stay in town to deal with the loss without support. Sensing the need for action, the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police each pledged to donate $100 to start a fund for the officer’s needs. The Shield had begun, in the form of the “One Hundred Club” that expanded to all Hamilton County Police departments and then to nearby counties in Ohio.

We at The Shield believe that we have no business asking anyone to contribute to our fund unless we have shown by our own sacrifices that we think it is a worthy cause. Since its beginnings in the “One Hundred Club”, The Shield has grown from the inside out. What started with the Hamilton County Police Chiefs (many of whom are retired) has expanded to officers willing to take a paycheck deduction to support of the families of their fellow officers.  We are continuing to spread the word through all levels of the policing in greater Cincinnati, and are going out into the community to find businesses and individuals who want to partner with us in meeting this need.

What’s Next

We hope to expand The Shield into the surrounding counties in Indiana and Kentucky, within the Cincinnati Tri-state area. Our concern is local, but we hope to be an inspiration for organizations throughout the country to meet this need, just as we have been inspired by others (such as the Cleveland Bluecoats). Our “business model” is for everyone who gives to give because they see a need in the community and an opportunity to help.